So, next month I will be resurrecting my “No Shyfts League.” It will be the 3rd state I’ve run this league in, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and -now- Maryland. The rules will need some updating, as Wizards has already made some of the changes I made in my own league (like changing the mulligan rule and the legends rule). I found it venerating when those changes were made. But, I’m still waiting for the color identity changes I talked about to happen. Likely, I will be waiting a long time. I know many probably will claim they’ll never happen, but they also told me that “Shyft” would always be a creature type when I claimed it would be changed someday. [1] I’m willing to wait and see, but maybe they’re right and it will never happen.

In my own league I do use the color rules as laid out by Wizards. I find them a little draconian, but -while I don’t mind making small changes to the rules- I leave widespread ones to the experts. I feel it is better to be as consistent as possible with the Comprehensive Rules. I do allow many non-dexterity Un-cards in my League, however, since many are consistent with the Comprehensive Rules (or require little change). Also,
I allow proxies.
This is because I run these leagues for high school students and feel money shouldn’t be an entry barrier. I know many people have a problem with proxies, and I understand their argument. But, again -when dealing with students- I feel it is best to allow proxies.


PS: I know sometimes I can come off as hard-edged. I will be the first to admit I sometimes do this in an attempt to generate discussion. For example, I know “I allow proxies” might be a controversial statement, and the paragraph format was chosen to emphasize it. Regardless, I want it known I love Magic and I like where Wizards has taken it. It might sound like I’m whining sometimes (and sometimes I am), but -at the end of the day- I trust Wizards to do what’s best for the game.
The real truth is I like discussion; I like people venting their ideas. You need to air out your views to see if they’re worth something. If they only echo around in your own head, all your thoughts will be echoes.