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Dragon’s Maze Visual Spoiler

So, as of today 75 of the 166 cards from Dragon’s Maze have been spoiled, not dragons yet.

As is true with most small sets, only a few cards seem to be that constructed worthy (and they’re normally the first few spoiled to drive up presales). I–like many–find the cycle of 3cc mana rocks disappointing. Early on Wizards said cards like the Signet‘s unbalanced limited, so the lack of 2cc mana rocks isn’t a surprise, but still a disappointment. I guess an ‘enters the battle field’ tapped Mind Stone cycle would have been too much to ask.

I’m not a fan of most of the Fuse cards either. From a design stand point they’re pretty cool, but both halves always seem to cast 1 more than they should. Thus, casting them together just gives you a doubly over-costed spell. The only one I’ve seen so far that seems constructed playable is Far // Away, with an honorable mention to Wear // Tear which should see sideboard play in many formats. Far // Away is still over costed for both haves, but I’ve always been a fan of a guaranteed 2-for-1. However, this formate is pretty fast and having to pay more mana for removal could be backbreaking, so I’m still on the fence about it.

I will say that I want to build a populate deck looking at the spoiler, GW or GWu. I’m not sure it will be viable until after rotation, but one’s coming.
And–just as a few side notes–the new RU ‘walker untaps lands, but can’t protect himself by tapping creatures; while the new Mana Drain will see lots of play in EDH, and is probably even conducted worthy.