I was going to write a article about how people only want to go back to popular sets instead of trying to redo badly executed sets (like Homelands)), but then I realized it’s self evident. Of course people want something they wanted before, and they don’t want something they didn’t like. It’s a tautology.
So, here are some cards I made instead:

The Art of WarKnowing ExperienceWraithTempered by FireGrowing ExperienceAncient Lotus

Let me know what you think the casting cost should be. I’ve not played with the new experience based cards yet, so I’m not sure how many you get over the course of a game. So, these cards could be alright if you get ~4 by turn 10 (which it seemed to me you would). Or, they could be over powered or too week.

All of the cards are basically dead until you have experience; you’re not going to be use them before turn 4. Even when you do get experience, most add that kind of tension to the game were you don’t want to cast them because you know you’ll aways get more value for them later. You have to pick how much future value you want to forfeit for value now.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not played with the new cards, so I don’t know. I’m simply making a guess.