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So, as I’ve been saying I’ve recently moved to New Mexico. After going to 3-4 comic shops all over the city I finally found one that I think ‘fits.’ While I was hanging out I noticed a peculiarity about this store, everyone’s EDH deck had quite a few foils.

Now, I know that’s probably not a big deal for many of you, but back in New Hampshire no one really had many foils. However, the foils in these decks were not like regular foils. Upon further inquiry I found that someone in the store had been MAKING them. They were not proxies, but alters. After tracking the gentleman in question down and having a conversation with him I learned this was something he was doing only for local kids. Despite this, I did manage to get my hands on some of these cards. Here is an example:
The Two Towers
Now, since we all know this matters most of all, here is a side shot of those same two cards:
Edge On
Pretty darn good.

After hanging out at the store for a while I was able to convince him to make one of my old beat up cards foiled. He was able to take my heavily played white bordered Force Field and do this to it:
Forcefield Unlimited Edition
Pretty good for a beat up card, huh?

Of the three cards I was able to get from him I think this one is probably the most impressive as well as being iconic:
My precious!
WOW, right? Who would not want that in their opening hand in Commander!?

I also saw an Escher Maze of Ith, and an awesome looking Rhystic Study, as well as many altered commanders. I really think more people should get a chance to own these, but he was pretty insistent that he only wanted to do it for local kids. I’ve been trying to convince him to sell a few of these to people outside of the store, but he’s not sure. However, I think I can get him to maybe post one or two for sale on ebay in a few weeks. If I do I was thinking of linking them here. I’m not going to sell any of mine, I’ll tell you that much.

What do you think? What would people pay (over the price of the card) for something like this?