We Will Soon Be Moving To MagicCardPro.com

Hey, this is Taylor! Remember me? The writer and all that? Well, if you don’t, it’s cool, I’ve not said very much in a while. That’s because I will be giving my PhD thesis defense on the 14th of November. I’ve not been playing Magic much at all, and have more or less just been studying and writing my dissertation.

I know at least one of my readers (yes, I know you read my comic N_S) is a professor in physics. Anyway, I’m not the best of students so I thought I might upload my dissertation draft “Examining Celestial Polarization With The Gamma-Ray Polarimeter Experiment (GRAPE)” in the hopes that someone might have some time to go over it before my defense. My committee already has a copy, but if I know some of the questions or concerns they might have with it going into my defense it would help. Also, I’m not going to be running my servers much longer, since we are moving, so I thought I might as well abuse the heck out of them.


No one gets graph jokes... well I wish I could think of something better for the y-axis.