Card Tags: Goblin Piledriver; Young Pyromancer; Call Back Comic

Looks like I’ve got a lot of Magic to catch up on. That’s the bittersweet part of this hobby: You might have been playing since basically the beginning, yet new stuff keeps happening. I can draw on my old knowledge when it comes to new observations, but I still have to stay appraised of those new observation. And, I haven’t been. So, some quick thoughts after catching up a bit:

I hope everyone had a chance to look at Pro Tour Magic Origins Top 8 deck lists. It looks like the format is pretty healthy and fairly diverse. It doesn’t even look like it will break my bank to get back into Standard, but I’ll probably Draft until rotation regardless. I can’t say I had any inkling about Hangarback Walker’s price spike. I wonder if it will stay up or come back down. Since it’s not Mythic, I’d guess it’ll come back down.

Battle for Zendikar is another shocker. I didn’t think Zendikar was savable. I thought the Eldrazi had already won. It’s interesting that the spoiled Eldrazi doesn’t have Annihilator like every other colorless Eldrazi (it doesn’t even have Trample). I guess they realize Annihilator prevented efficient costing, since it’s pretty OP. The first Zendikar was one of their better selling sets, with bomb rares up the wazoo. From off color fetches to Day of Judgment, not to mention “priceless treasures,” and unprecedented event in Magic. Still, I’m surprised that they chose to go back to Zendikar so soon, when other planes need more love.

I hope people are writing petitions to MaRo to go back to Ulgrotha. Don’t make me lose faith!

Finally, Kenny was unable to make a T-shirt for last weekend because of relational issues. He might still make this a T-Shirt, however: