Yes, yes, we know:
Like other mortals who die on Theros, she went to the Underworld, where she will reside for eternity unless she’s able to find some way out. She’s unable to planeswalk out of there, sort of in the same way she wasn’t able to planeswalk directly into Nyx — those realms have special properties that are not travel-able by planeswalking. Elspeth will have to find some other way out of the Underworld if she ever wants to planeswalk again someday.Doug Beyer
Nor would Elspeth be hanging out with Phyrexians.

It’s mean to be funny 😛

Reading Journey’s End on Wizards’ site I came across some of the coolest art I’ve ever seen on the MtG website that’s not currently on a card:


Anyone know what they’re using it for? I do not, but I’d like to be informed.