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Comic #47

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Cardtags: Mask of Mimic; Clone; Meloku; Illusion; Mark L. Gottlieb
So, what's happing in this comic? Basically, you're targeting Clone with Mask of Mimic, since Clone's name at the time is "Illusion" you look for a card named "Illusion" to put on the battlefield. One problem, Illusion is an instant. Of course, rule 304.4 says you can't put instants into the battlefield, BUT that rule is overruled by good old rule 101.1:

Whenever a card's text directly contradicts these rules, the card takes precedence. The card overrides only the rule that applies to that specific situation.

Try it out at a tournament, and when you do, tell'em 5ColorControl.com sent you


PS: Click the comic to find out the real answer.

Playing Jund Like a Pro, Part 2: States Tournament Report

By Bryan Haak

Round1 vs Chris (vampire control)
These games where pretty easy, I was worried in game 1 where on turn 5 he tapped all of his Swamps for what I thought was going to be mind sledge but it ended up being a consume spirit for 3 on my thrinax. Wheeew! I sided in the same way I talk about the vampire matchup. 1-0 matches, 2-0 in games

Round 2 vs Dan (Jund)
Both of these game were pretty close, but in game 1 I was surprised when he casted a Sarkhan Vol taking my own leech and killing me with it.
1-1, 2-2

Round 3 vs Manny (Bant)
I think Manny mulled in every game we played. He played a lot of exalted guys like sigiled paladin and Noble Hierarch. I lost in game 2 because his wall of reverence took his life total way to out of range for me. Once I brought in my Bloodwitches I was fine. In game 3 Manny mulled to 5 and he played two sigiled paladins and he got me down to 8 early, but I played a pulse on his paladins and I won with some guys and good cascade spells after that.
2-1, 4-3

Round 4 vs Jody (Cruel Control)
Game 1 I play a turn 2 Putrid Leech and attack him early, but I never pump the leech because he always keeps a red mana source open, I feel that this is important for players to know never pump your leech if he keeps the red source open, getting in just 2 damage is fine. He does nothing this whole game and I beat him down with the leech and finish off with a Blighting. In game 2 I get him down to 10 life but then he casts back to back cruel ultimatum. In game 3 he has 2 bloodwitches on the board against my Broodmate Dragon the its red buddy. I'm at 11 life and he is at 4 and he decides to swing in with 1 of the bloodwitch, he doesn't have enough mana to cruel, so I decide to take the damage to go to 7. Know I have to 4/4 flyers vs his bloodwitch but I'm pretty sure he has a Terminate in his had, so before he ends his turn I decide to Terminate his bloodwitch because I have a pulse in my hand in case he counters my Terminate. Turns out he didn't have the counter, but he did have one Terminate and I kill him with one of the 4/4 flyers. After the game he shows me his hand and he could have tied the game with an earthquake killing us both, but we went to time and he was trying to go for the win. This overall was a pretty exciting match. The way I sided in this match was + 4 Ruinblaster +2 stags +1 Ranger -3 Bituminous Blast -4 Lighting Bolt
3-1, 6-4

Round 5 vs Matt (Turbo Fog)
I'm pretty sure this guy was part of the group of players from Massachusetts. Game 1 he plays a turn 2 howling mine which I pulse on my turn, but he just plays two more followed by a jace, and I get caught up in trying to kill the jace where I should of just tired to kill him. In game 2 I brought in +4 Ruinblaster +2 stags +3 bloodwitch -3 Bituminous Blast -4 Lighting Bolt, -2 Garruk Wildspeaker. I brought in these cards because I wanted to be as aggressive as possible; I'm ok with running out a turn 3 ruin blaster to get in the haste damage. I kept in the pulses for the howling mines and jaces, I also kept in the Terminates because they usually side board in baneslayers because they think I side out all my removal. I was correct he did bring in baneslayers but it didn't matter, I just smash him in game 2. In game 3 we end up going to time but he mulled to 4 and had no cards in hand but I couldn't deal 20 damage to him in one turn I had 2 bloodwitches on the table and a blood braid into a Blighting and a bolt in hand for only 17 damage. If I didn't let him go to the bathroom between games I would have won this one, I asked him after he would scoop to me, but he said no, I guess next time I face him I will not let him go to the bathroom!
3-1-1, 7-5-1

Round 6 vs James (mono white)
Game 1 I Blighting him two times seeing him discard an Iona, which scares me a little because he has two Emeria, the Sky Ruins and six plains in play. He never draws another plains though and I beat him down with a blood braid and some good cascade spells. In game 2 he gets stuck on two lands for a long time and I just beat him down with a ranger and a leech.
4-1-1, 9-5-1

Round 7 vs Blake (vampires)
Winner of this goes to the top8! Its moments like this that makes magic fun. Game 1 I just blow him out with a blood braid elf into a Blighting, and then I drop a brood mate to seal the game. In game 2 he has a very aggressive start with a few guys and then turn 4 Vampire Nocturnus into a turn 5 mind sludge. Game 3 I start off great with a blood braid into a stag, but Blake answers right back with a disfigure on my elf and a kicked Gatekeeper of Malakir to deal with my stag. He then follows that up with a bloodwitch, and I'm starting to feel the pressure, I then cast a Ranger and on my next turn I top deck a brood mate dragon when Blake has no cards in hand and the only real threat he has on the board is the blood witch. I beat him down with a Bituminous Blast off the top into a Lighting Bolt and the dragons do the rest of the work.
5-1-1 , 11-6-1
BACK TO THE TOP 8 I GO! I grab the 8th and final spot. In this top 8 there is 1 mono red deck, 1 Eldrazi Green deck, and 6 Jund decks. (healthy meta game I know)

Top 8 vs Blaine Hatab (jund)
Blaine is just coming off his 24th place finish at Pro tour Austin. In game 1 he mulls down to 4, and I just have the nuts draw on him, I Blighting him on turn 3, turn 4 I cast a blood braid into at Lighting Bolt to kill his vampire nighthawk. On turn 5 I cast a Bituminous Blast into a blood brain into a Blighting and he says he doesn't want to play anymore. In game 2 he plays a turn 2 leech and starts beating me down. On turn 4 he blood braids into a removal spell for my guy and that's it. Game 3 I cast a turn 4 and 5 ruinblaster, leaving Blaine with only Swamps and Forests in play. He eventually draws a red source and casts a blood braid, but by then I'm too far ahead on the board and I swing in with all my guys putting him to 3 and I Blighting for the win. I would like to say that Blaine was a fantastic opponent to play against we both had a lot of fun during the match.
6-1-1, 13-7-1

Semi Finals vs Russell (jund)
I felt I messed up in game 1 by keeping a two land hand with, I a savage land and a Forest and a blood braid. I ended up being stuck on two lands pretty much the whole game and I had 3 Putrid Leeches in play and then he casted a Jund Charm deal 2 to all my guys. I kept 2 of the leeches alive, but he drops a broodmate and kills me shortly after. I feel that I really punted this game and I should have mulled.

Game 2 I Blighting him a few times and cast few ruinblasters, but so didn't he. He ends up coming over the top and getting me down to 3 with a thrinax. But I draw my own thrinax to stay in the game. For awhile we play draw go until I top deck a Broodmate Dragon which finishes him off. This was very close because I was at 3 life for like 5 turns and he never cascaded into a burn spell.

Game3 my opening had is a savage land, Forest, Mountain, Sprouting Thrinax, blood braid, 2 Broodmate Dragons, I thought about this hand for awhile before making the correct decision by sending this back. I'm on the draw but this hand in a must mull because there are so many cards that hurt me early, like if he Blighting me early I have discard the 2 broodmates, if he ruinblasters me before I hit 4 lands, I'm in a lot of trouble. He said that he would have kept this hand, but I feel that I make the correct decision in taking the mull.

My 6 was good and we begin. This game is very similar to game 2 where we both just Blighting each other and play 2 ruinblasters each. I end up drawing a broodmate but he kills the token and I begin to swing with my dragon. I end up getting him to 8, before he pushes all in and kills me. I looked at my next card which was another dragon, which would have won me the game. Oh well. I wish Russell good luck in the finals and I collected my prizes.
6-2-1, 14-9-1

Overall I was very happy with my finish, I played against some really good players, I got some good top decks and a few good cascades on the day, but hey that's what jund is good at doing. One thing I would like to quickly talk about is how I've really changed my attitude about the game. In the past I would be the kind of person who would get disappointed if I missed a top 8. Over the last 2 years I've just focused on having fun with the game and doing the best that I can do. I feel that as important as deck choice is, as important as luck can be at times, I truly believe playing with the right attitude is as important as anything.You can't always judge yourself on whether or not you made top 8; sometimes you will loose but play very well that day. Maybe you make some good mulligan decisions but still loose, that's ok to as long as you made the right decision about mulligan that hand. More importantly what I was doing wrong in the past was that I forgot that this is a game and I stopped having fun. It's been over two years since I've look at my dci rating, I just no longer care, as long as I play for the right reasons I know I will continue to have successes.

I would also like to give a big thanks to my Friend Adam Z for letting me use one of his magic online accounts so I could get in all of that practice with the jund deck. Adam has been very helpful to me and has help me really improve my game and he has been a fantastic friend, I'm very lucky to practice with him.

As far as any changes I would make to this deck are I would probably cut the 2 garruks and play 3 main deck Borderland Ranger and I would add 2 unstable footing in the sideboard for the turbo fog matchups, other than that I would keep everything else the same.

I hope you enjoyed the article if you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me at www.boy3@unh.edu


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