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Comic #322
Card Tags: From the Vault: Annihilation

I was teaching mathematics and science this week again in Angel Fire. My wife is working in Maryland and I'm in New Mexico. It's going to be a long school year. To help me pass the time I am starting the DnD club up again (Ravenloft this year) and a Commander league for my students. I let the kids proxy cards, and they playing in groups of 3-4 once a week as a club. We add up the points each kid got every months and they win something (prizes I got from my trip to Wizard's headquarters).
I like proxy Commander as the format, with silly league rules, because it keeps the games casual. You don't want the rich kids to win just because they have better cards, and you don't want the games to become cutthroat combo games either. This year the non-winners will get to change the achievements around. They were all complaining there wasn't enough changes last year. So, this year I thought everyone could make changes. Second place could remove a rule, third place could add a rule, fourth place could remove a rule, and so on and so forth.


  • Capped: A player can only earn between 0 and 9 points each game.
  • Headhunter +1: Whenever you are directly responsible for an opponent losing the game.
  • Still Alive +1: All players alive when time runs out get +1 points.
  • Where's Your Boy? +1: Put another player's general into their deck anywhere but on top.
  • General Douchebaggery +1: Eliminate someone via general combat damage.
  • Waste Management +1: Exile 10 or more cards from a graveyard with a single spell/effect.
  • Allied Strategies +1: Directly save a player from being eliminated by another player.
  • Kill Everything +1: Causing 10 or more creatures to die or be exiled in a single turn.
  • If At First... +1: Be the first to pay more than 12 mana for your general.
  • Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home +1: Eliminating yourself (forfeiting doesn't count).
  • I'll Pass +1: Having your turn skipped for any reason. This achievement can be earned up to 3 times total among all players per game.
  • Dibs +1: Be the first to control a permanent you don't own.
  • The Lottery by Shirley Jackson +1: Be the first to cause another player to sacrifice a nonland permanent.
  • Test of Endurance +1: Be the first to gain 25 or more life in a game.
  • All Things Burn +2: Be the first to deal >30 points of non-combat damage in a single turn.
  • Near-Death Experience +2: Be the first to stay below 5 life for 3 consecutive turns without dying.
  • Master Assassin +2: Be the first to destroy or exile >4 creatures you don't own with >4 spells/effects in one turn.
  • I Brought Friends +2: Be the first to control >2 Planeswalkers at the same time.
  • On Theme +3: Be the first to control 3 nonland permanents with 3 different set symbols all from one block.
  • Don Quixote +3: Causing the last card in a player's library to be put in their graveyard or exiled.
  • Don't Play With Bad Cards + 3: If you own one of the following and it deals combat damage to another player: Lithophage, Dread Wight, Petra Sphinx, Lichenthrope, Shyft, or Tek. This achievement can be earned multiple times in a game, but not more than once by the same player.
  • Penalties:

  • Is it My Turn? -2: Awarded every time you take an extra turn past your first extra turn.
  • Chasm -2: Whenever you destroy all lands controlled by a single player.
  • Stop Comboing Off! -2: Awarded every time you perform 4 iterations of a non-mandatory loop in a single turn.
*None of these can be awarded more than 3 times in a single game. 08/24/14