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Comic #132

Comic by Kenny Weeden

Card Tags: Gideon in M12

Well, it was a long weekend for me. I just got back from my brother's wedding.* Wizard's also gave me Duel of the Planeswalkers early so I can review it for the release date. I've not been able to play the former because of the latter. Regardless, the review should be ready by June 13th.

Next week is a busy week, with Commander and the new Event Decks coming out. I know I will be camping out at Walmart to pick up my 4 Stoneforge Mystics. This weekend will also be lots of fun because you should be able to sanction multiplayer games of Magic for Commander's Launch party. I will be trying to start a "No Shyfts" League soon. You should encourage people in your area to do the same. Anyone that starts a Face Book page about a "No Shyfts" League, and emails me, will be featured in the next week's news here at 5ColorControl.com. If more than one does, then I will show the best Face Book page. I also need rule ideas for how to run a League, so if people want to tell me the best way, I'd love to hear it.

*Yes, I know their website is nicer than this one. They have a bigger budget. 6/5/11