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Comic #117

Comic by Kenny Weeden

Karn, the Released
Planeswalker - Karn
+4: Target player exiles a card from his or her hand.
-3: Exile target permanent.
-14: Set aside all non-aura permanents exiled by Karn, then restart the game. After that, put into the battlefield under your control all cards set aside this way.

Every Trope we used in the Comic?

Someone should update the description, and add a pic...

In an email from Wizards:

Phyrexia Announces Total Victory

The Machine Orthodoxy today announced total victory for the forces of Phyrexia and the utter obliteration of all that was Mirran.

"The Great Work is Complete," said Grand Cenobite Elesh Norn. "The stain of imperfection which is Mirrodin has been scourged and in its place we have shaped the face of New Phyrexia."

Jin-Gitaxius, Praetor of the Progress Engine, Augur to The Core continued, "The raw flesh we have at our disposal will allow us to continue The Great Synthesis unabated. Our destiny lies outside the crude battles between slavering beasts of which we have endured these many years. Through our experimentation will arise the strength of New Life."

Other prominent Praetors were also in attendance. The Voice of Hunger, Vorinclex, took a defiant tone. "The struggle for survival is never complete. Wherever there is weakness, there is still the necessity of conflict. As the predator cannot abide prey, so do the strong feed upon the strong. Our purpose has only begun."

Sheoldred, The Whispering One, declined conspicuous comment.

Praetor Urabrask was notably absent from the proceedings.

In a second email from Wizards:

Mirran Resistance Undeterred

Although widely believed to be categorically defeated, the voice of the Mirran resistance remains a steadfast presence on the plane. A very recent transmission intercepted by this agency seemed to indicate a small but resolute faction willing to continue the fight.

"...the struggle is far from over," asserted the anonymous voice of Mirrodin. "...The infectors have become the infected..." While their location is unknown, their presence is still felt within the highest echelons of the Phyrexian High Command.

For the time being, it would appear that New Phyrexia has arrived at last. However, as one Mirran resistance fighter put it earlier today, "All may be one, but not all is lost."