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Comic #320
CardStory Tags: Sarkhan Vol
I've been addicted to Hearthstone lately (which is better coded than MtGO). However -like all computer programs- there is a upper limit to how large a number can be in the game. My friend and I played a game with a card that doubles a creatures health. Playing it over and over we found out they used a 32-bit signed integer for the creatures' power and toughness. Which means when a creature's health becomes larger than 2,147,483,647 the game records it as a negative value, killing the creature:

Theoretically -since they use the same system for the player's life- if you hit someone for more than two billion damage all at once, then they would GAIN life.
Anyone know how MtGO handles arbitrarily large numbers? Like any computer program, there must be an upper limit.

-Taylor 07/27/14