The theme of this set is based on the school I am currently working at “MVHS.” The main theme of the set is wedge allies, with normal allies being a sub theme. (Tribal too)
I wanted green to borrow a little from the blue color pie as part of the set theme because “science” is normally flavored blue but it’s green for this set. I would not argue this is a color pie violation, but I would say that sets sometimes violate the color pie for flavor or mechanical reasons. Planer Chaos being the obvious go-to for that point. Similarly, the “cold” effect is often shared with blue and red. For this set I wanted to bleed that a little more, the tapping playing into reds “can’t block mechanic.”
Let me know if you see any errors.


Wall of PaintAbsorptionAcolyte of PopularityCheerleaderClass BeginsDecree of ChrisDecree of the CynicEnlightened StudentExpelGood MealGood StudyIndieLindaMaster DistractorMath ClassNursePerfect ResurrectionRighteous DragonRingleaderRobotSaved By the BellSecurity CamerasStudent of BattleTabula RasaTake WithinThe Snow ManTop FencerUpliftValent AcolyteVenerable Teacher


Written ExcuseAcolyte of HistoryAcolyte of the AirAverage AcolyteBanditBarbBathroom BreakBig DrakeBitter DismissalCrammingDecree of JohannesDetentionEager FreshmanEnlightened AcolyteHistory AcolyteHistory ClassImaginary FiendLake DrakeLethargic InstructorPlaneSkittish DrakeSnow DayStorm DrakeStudyingSubstitute TeacherThe WeatherWintery MixWondering RobotWord of the MadmanWrite Up


Acolyte of DisharmonyAcolyte of StimulusCopterCorrupted StudentCrowDevastationDummyEnglish AcolyteEnglish ClassFear EngineInfernal MachineLuLuMasochismMonstrosityNightmare SpecterRavenSadistSanctionSavageSternhagenSummoningSuspensionThinking About Your PastTumorous MutationUndead DragonUnnerving AcolyteWord of BaileyWord of the SluggishXZombie Student


SprinterStudent of AngerWatch the World BurnWord of the JesterWord of the LanternAcolyte of the JesterBash into BitsBiting ColdBullyChicaCoachCruel InstructorDebDestructorDozerDragon of DevastationElectric SurgeExtra Curricular ActivitiesFearless AcolyteFire Takes FormFire WhelpFrostburnHaywirePhysical AcolytePhysical EducationPurple DragonQuick StudyRandom MutationRoll of the DiceSpaz


Absorb KnowledgeAcolyte of EvanBrown RecluseCorrupted TarantulaCrazed Science StudentDecree of EvanDecree of ZakkDoc CDrider TeacherForestationGarden AcolyteGargantuan SpiderHigh WindsLaikaPoorly Medicated StudentProtected AcolyteScience AcolyteScience ClassServents of the RockSpidersStudent of ScienceTeachers PetsThe GardenTraitorous ToiletValley WindsVending MachineWebsWhat Has Science DoneWilderbeastYoga Ball


All AsArtificers MantleCarComputersFinalsForbidden DoorMathmatical AcolyteRichardSkisSomber SimulacrumTeachers DeskThe Pen is MightierWhite LotusMoreno ValleyThe Art BuildingThe History BuildingThe Language BuildingThe Math BuildingThe Science Building


Bailey the CynicChris the JesterEthan the NamelessEvan the MadmanJacque BoydJohannes the LanternKrupicka the CretenMartin the MysteriousNate the Rock of AgesTeo the TenaciousZakk the Sluggish

Here is the set file.