NO SHYTS!What is Commander?

We here at Engaging Games are committed to the finest level of excellence for our valued customers. We extend this policy of outstanding excellence into our Commander League by way of the rules of that League.  These rules have been meticulously scrutinized by our panel of experts to assure the highest quality of fun and enjoyment by the participants of this League.  Those rules are outline here for the view of those that would become a part of this League.
Here are the aforementioned League rules:


  • No Reservations Needed: Commanders are not reserved in this League. Duplicate Commanders are allowed and do not “Legend Rule” each other.
  • No Specials: There is no “Special Mulligan” (#903.8), but there is one free mulligan.
  • UN-banned: BFM (both halves); Giant Fan; Mox Lotus; Timmy, Power Gamer; Cardboard Carapace(cannot be poxied); Gleemax; Infernal Spawn of Evil; Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil; Johnny, Combo Player; Fruitcake Elemental; AWOL; Blacker Lotus(cannot be poxied); Blast from the Past; Booster Tutor
  • Capped- A player can only win 10 points each game. If you control Shyft the point cap does not apply to you.
  • Headhunter +2: Whenever you are directly responsible for an opponent losing the game (stacks with other awards).
  • I’ll Do It Myself +1: Whenever you deal 21 points of General Damage to a player.
  • Still Alive +1: All players alive when time runs out get +1 points.
  • Reinforcements Have Arrived +1: Having 5 or more non-token creatures come under your control in a single turn.
  • Die in a Fire +1: Dealing 12 or more points of non-combat damage to a player in a single turn.
  • All Things Burn +1: Dealing at least 30 points of non-combat damage in a single turn.
  • Why Won’t You Die? +1: Preventing 25  or more points of damage in a single turn.
  • Stay Dead +1: Awarded for each 10 points of damage below 0 you deal to single player.
  • Not Today +1: Saving another player from certain death at someone else’s hands. (he must live out the turn)
  • Paper Legions +1: Having 10 or more tokens come into play under your control in a single turn.
  • Kill Everything +1: Destroying or exiling 10 or more non-token creatures in a single turn.
  • Master Assassin +1: Killing 4 or more creatures with 4 different spells and/or abilities in a single turn.
  • TIMMY! +1: Dealing 50 or more points of combat damage in a single turn.
  • Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home +1: Killing yourself.
  • I’ll Pass +1: Having your turn skipped.
  • I Brought Friends +1: Control 3+ Planeswalkers at the same time.
  • Is it My Turn? -2: Awarded every time you take an extra turn past your first extra turn.
  • Chasm -2: Whenever you destroy all lands controlled by a single player.
  • Stop Comboing Off! -2: Awarded every time you perform 4 iterations of a non-mandatory loop in a single turn.
  • NO SHYFTS! -5: Having Shyft enter play under your control.
  • I Said NO SHYFTS! +15: Killing someone with combat damage from a Shyft.
  • Don’t Play With Bad Cards +3: Killing someone with combat damage from: Lithophage, Dread Wight, Petra Sphinx, Lichenthrope, or Tek.
  • Laskey’s Award for Outstanding Excellence in the Field of Excellence +6: Most votes at the end of the Tournament.

*None of these can be awarded more than 3 times in a single game.

Like all things, these rules are not perfect. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to post them here. We also remind our valued customers that Engaging Games is undergoing renovation so Toys From The Attic in Somersworth, New Hampshire is the current temporary home of the Engaging Games Commander League.  Tournaments we be starting in July on Sundays at 1:30.