Headhunter changed to +2 instead of +3.
“All Things Burn” changed from 40 points of non-combat to 30 points non-combat.
TIMMY! changed from 30 points of combat to 50 points combat damage.
Chasm -2 – Whenever you destroy all lands controlled by a single player.

Capped- 10 points max per game. If you control Shyft the point cap does not apply to you.
I Brought Friends – Control 3+ Planeswalkers at the same time. (1 point)

Those are Legal? – Super Secret Tech and Mirror Mirror are banned.

The 15 cards that won (in order of votes):
Giant Fan
Mox Lotus
Timmy, Power Gamer
Cardboard Carapace
Infernal Spawn of Evil
Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil
Johnny, Combo Player
Fruitcake Elemental
Blacker Lotus
Blast from the Past
Booster Tutor

They are all now legal.